Do you want to move to Canada to start a business?

Are you an international entrepreneur, investor or do you have an idea for a start-up business? Are you thinking of investing /implementing your business idea in Canada while also permanently migrating at the same time? This program could be ideal for you.


Programs under this stream include:

  • Self Employed Program
  • Start Up visa
  • Provincial Business Programs
  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Programs

Using our expertise, MHO immigration Services, can help with your Business Investor application.

We support this by:

  • Determining your eligibility under the available pretransition
  • Helping you determine what stream you may qualify for.
  • Putting together all required documents needed to support your application.
  • Providing guidance and instructions as required through the entire process.
  • Submitting the application on your behalf

If for any reason, it is considered that you are not eligible, we can review your circumstances and identify other available options that can support your immigration goals.