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Apart from possessing the statutory and requisite qualifications, our team has a personal immigration experience which is invaluable when reviewing and planning your immigration strategy. Having lived around the world, we are familiar with not just Canada’s Immigration requirements but also country specific scenarios.

This will be brought to bear in your application process.

Our team led by our Principal Consultant will take personal responsibility for you. We have a hands-on approach and we give every application the due care and attention it deserves.

The initial consultation allows our team to assess your situation and goals and agree with you on a plan for next steps.

You will receive a one-page summary of our recommendations on the best approach to meet your goals.

You are under no obligation to continue with our services (although we would highly recommend it).

If you decide to engage MHO, we will provide a retainer agreement and our partnership commences.

As with all Canadian government applications, all our payments are in Canadian dollars (CAD$)

MHO Immigration Services has no control over application times. The Canadian government has provided some estimated times here.